Custom Table Legs

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1. Select Table Style

C - Cocktail 19"H
E - End 26"H
D - Dining 30"H
G - Gathering 36"H
B - Bar 42"H

2. Select Leg Design

A - Edgedale
C - Brantley
D - Rockford
E - Hillcrest
F - Ferndale

3. Select Size

Cocktail (C) and End (E) Tab;es
1-inch increments from 18 – 48"
Width x 18 – 72" Length
Bar (B), Dining (D), and
Gathering (G) Tables:

1-inch increments from 18 – 48"
Width x 18 – 96" Length.

4. Select Finish

From any of our Hickory White Custom Wood finishes.
You can also add striping, hand-decoration, sand blasting, or distressing.